Waterproof Amphibious Tactical Vest Outdoor Vest Specter PP4-0022 | PPT P.P.T

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 Name :  Amphibious Tactical Vest Outdoor Vest Specter
 Product Color :  Typhon Mandrake CP ACU AT-FG Highlander
 Commodity :  This vest clothing size 45 cm long, 112 cm waist up
 Weight :  1170g
 Product Features :  1. High-quality 600D Oxford cloth material, tensile wear stronger, taking into account the comfort, feel softer
 2. The front and back is Molle design, it can be easily mounted to other small devices
 3. shoulder and waist side is Velcro and buckle design, fast and convenient quick wearing and removal
 4. There are three detachable accessory kit to meet the needs of different load items
 5. One accessory package Velcro design chunks, you can paste the badge as proof of identity
 6. The internal removable rubber sheet, can provide protection to the body


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