Tactical Adjustable Two Point Airsoft Gun Sling PP13-0023 | PPT P.P.T

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 Extremely Durable and versatile tactical universal sling .
 Fully adjustable for length, One size fits all.
 With Non-slip Grip and Multi-purpose Adaptors,  Allow for Quick and Versatile Adjustment of Carrying  and Shooting Positions.
 Allows for easy movement QUICK TRANSITION AND DETACH) while operating in close quarters.?
 Allows for various ways to carry the rifles

single point sling
made of nylon

Name: single point,two point, three tasks belt, dedicated for camping Outdoor military enthusiasts, Outdoor live-action CS counter-terrorism and equipment

Material: all metal head, the head part of high-strength nylon buckle decomposable, have weight, quality super good!Leading technology products, in the case of the same weight and durability of the CORDURA fabric respectively standard 2 times of nylon fabric, polyester fabric three times, and 10 times higher than the cotton canvas.CORDURA fabric durability but also in its resistance to tear strength and abrasion resistance are exceptional.In fact, because CORDURA durability and strength of fabric, the world's leading army were made in using the product performance outstanding military equipment.

Apply to: military enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, photography.

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