Tactical Pistol Lanyard Belt Loop Gun Sling PP13-0043 | PPT P.P.T

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Name: seals corps lost love with the rope, Tactical gun rope
Color: color, black

1, spring shell is made of PU material, with inner core are use quality goods aramid fiber line.
2, spring negative gravity is 35-45 kg, can apply to 40 degrees below zero to 50 degrees centigrade
3, spring product length can stretch to 120 cm - 125 cm.
4, the spring diameter is 6 mm.
5, use nylon ribbon has wear-resisting, high strength, not easy to crack, soft handle, etc.
6, use POM material, widely used temperature range (- 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃).

Applicable: military enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, tide purist.

74 g


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