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1. Material: nylon belt, plastic and zinc alloy buckle
2. Length: 129 cm  width: 3 cm
3. Net weight: 173 g
Color: black
Mud color
Army green
Features: MS3 SLING latest masterpiece,Multipurpose tactical belt, this product is the long-awaited MS3 to army friends, now a new spot.
Compared with MS2, on materials and ingredients have greatly improved.
A. rapid transformation from one point to two points
B. one hand can be adjusted elastic ribbon
C. in an emergency, symmetrical unloading equipment safety clasp for faster
D. use high-density nylon hollow printing ribbon, customized high-end zinc alloy buckle, good quality.Bearing significant
E. the longest can be extended to 129 cm
F. buckle and nylon cord contact place, strengthened with nylon cord play dates to 200 kilograms of weight.


1. The straps width increase & material change: increase the width of the straps less, use on weight also is more comfortable
Change in the material is more tolerance for abrasion of Velcro.
2. The new design of single point combined with big D ring: increased except on the use of more convenient, deliberately designed to couple
Run on the left side of the straps buckle down naturally, in addition to more can avoid straps with buckle close to, the feeling is better around the sides.
(don't wear vest is concerned)
3. Almost of plastic buckle with: it is conceivable to avoid rusting metal friction problem, especially the relatively humid climate
4. The revised design of straps buckle: the new configuration, in combination with different brand straps ring, the stability has obvious improvement, the new Lock system people feel more convenient to use, especially when wearing gloves ~ really Lock design also can effectively avoid MS2 unexpectedly fast solution

Apply to: military enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts, photography.

color black,tan,OD

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