Wonderful Big Hand Tactical Gloves With Knuckle Protection For Cycling Outdoor Sports PP14-0021 | PPT P.P.T

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safety gloves,Tactical Full Finger Gloves, High Quality Tactical Gloves
Polymers and special nylon Unique non-slip palm designed to seize the object without slip in hand, and feel good, make you more easy to control Comfortable to wear!
High quality!
Is absolutely the perfect choice!
Ultra-lightweight glove designed to meet the patrol, special operations or daily job requirements.
Tactical series gloves with our other design features of all types of gloves, hand-specific design of anti-skid particles, in both the ultra-lightweight design, with breathable, comfort and utility features.
1. Excellent multi-purpose tactical glove
2. Palm synthesis in wet granular materials in the provision of a guarantee slip
3. Wicking fabric
4. Wristband with regulatory function

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