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Name: The U.S. military regulations desert combat boots

Features: protect themselves from blowing, shock resistance, Breathable ,antiskid,shock absorption, puncture-proof, wear-resisting
1. Nylon elastic LACES
2. The merchant tongue and uppers, one-piece suture
3. The imported leather skin
4. Exquisite double sewing thread
5. Special prevent slippery wear-resisting tire sole
6. Exhaust sponge net against the stench, sweat, comfortable
7. Military COROURA 1000 d fabric, waterproof and dustproof prevent thorns
8. Nylon plastic buckles corn.

Size:40 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45


SOLE: Natural Rubber.

CORE: Stainless.
INSERTER: High-density compressed paper.
LINING: lycra.

Insole: EVA.

Upper main ingredient:Cow Split Turn Fur.
Shoe accessories:Coudura


NFANTRY Boot parameters:
SIZE: EUR 40,41,42,43,44,45
Material: SOLE: Natural Rubber
CORE: Stainless
INSERTER: High-density compressed paper
LINING: lycra
Insole: EVA
Upper main ingredient: Cow split turn fur
Shoe accessories: CORDURA

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