Boonie Hat Round Hat Tactical Hat Waterproof round shape hat CP Multicam camo military boonie hats PP29-0011 | PPT P.P.T

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Name: outdoor running cap, Digital camouflage round hat
Color: CP
This product is all code, suitable for head circumference 56 cm - 61 cm
Material: 65% Polyester, 65% Cotton
Weight: 105 g
Features: Boonie caps are English "round hat"
(boonie hat), its wide round edge can shade in the desert, in the rainforest can block rain, and even avoid flying insects fall into the collar, do not need to also can use hat round edge on either side of the rope will be rolled up, there is quite a cowboy.
Boonie caps has become a must-have of many national army.
In the civil field, also more and more get the favor of the fan, travelers, its easy to fold, super convenient to carry, wind, and the style are the necessities to travel.

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