7x50 Binocular Telescope for Hunting | PPT P.P.T

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Magnification   7x50
Angle of vision Field of view 6.8°
M/1000M 119
FT/1000YDS 357
Eye Relief   13 mm
Exit Pupil   7.14mm
Weight   750g
Size   19CMX7CMX18CM


Full set includes: a telescope, shockproof and convenient package, widen the straps/hanging belt, cha lens cloth and moistureproof beads, manual, lens cap, the eyepiece cover and bottle.
Our advantages:
1, super clear broadband FMC green coating or plating layers of blue purple membrane + all-optical glass production, can make the scene more fully when watching!
More clear and bright!
2, using quality materials and system, and strict assembly, making fine!This internal for the production of metal, the net weight
750 grams!
3, all-optical glass production, carefully polished, and each glass coated film, to make clear of the products
Degree and sharp degree greatly improve!
4, the premise of large diameter - definition
The calibre of the telescope (i.e., diameter of the objective, such as 7 x50 in 50 represents the telescope aperture diameter of 50
Mm) directly determines the imaging resolution and brightness!Because of big lens barrel, can absorb more external
The light!One example: take 2 piece of paper into a 10 mm diameter tube with a diameter of 50 mm
Cylinder, watch, no doubt, 50 mm tube depends on the sharpness of the bright a lot!This is why the big
The diameter of the telescope clearer view of the reason!So large diameter telescope is typically is superior to a small mouth
The diameter of the telescope because congenital advantage of the large diameter telescope, small diameter telescope is unable to achieve!
5, FMC multilayer broadband coating
Broadband multilayer coating, also called the anti-reflection coating!Is one of the best film coating, good imaging, qing
High definition, color reduction degree is very good, multi-level green film clear, multilayer blue purple membrane is better!Multilayer coating
Used in military telescope, this is because the military telescope on spectral range, require coverage during the day, evening,
The requirements of various environment, such as night light transmittance is very high, generally USES broadband multilayer coating!Glass for all-optical!
6, wide Angle design, vision, light look comfortable!
Wide-angle namely large or large field of view, which means to watch the imaging range area is large, the wide-angle telescopes
Watch imaging can only display the local, while wide-angle telescope will have the most!!!Small telescopes
Set is not wide!Large diameter telescope also is not necessarily a wide Angle!Mainly by telescope optical path system
Design decisions!

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