Chronographs are used to measure the airsoft gun muzzle velocity and the rate of fire for most airsoft guns. They are a necessity for any field owner and great tool for any airsoft gunsmiths! order online today for great prices!

Laser Chronograph uses the principle of laser ranging. Laser distance measurement (ie, the speed of 300,000 km / s) is to determine the distance between the measured object and the test point by transmitting the laser beam to the measured object and receiving the reflected wave of the laser beam and recording the time difference The Laser measuring instrument on the measured object twice with a specific time interval of laser ranging, to obtain the distance in the measured object within the distance, so as to get the moving speed of the measured object.

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Acetech Ac6000 Airsoft Chronograph Lcd Power Meter Display PP35-0007 BKKZ

Acetech Ac6000 Airsoft Chronograph Lcd Power Meter Display The AC6000 is a Pro Airsoft Chronogra...
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Pro Chronograph high-power airsoft chronograph speed tester PP35-0003 | PPT P.P.T

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SPEEDER-2000 Airsoft Shooting ChronographPP35-0008

Guarder SPEEDER-2000 Airsoft Shooting Chronograph SPEEDER-2000 Airsoft Shooting Chronograph&...
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Beta Master chronograph,Shooting Chronograph LCD Display PP35-0005| PPT P.P.T

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