Range finder, range finder telescope, monocular telescope PP28-0004 | PPT P.P.T

Product Code: PP28-0004
Availability: 100

Measurement range: 15-400m/15-600m
Measurement pattern: semiconductor laser measurement (harmless for eyes)
Error in Measurement: ±1m ±1%
The pattern of Measurement display: Inner-vision-field LCD display
Effective objective lens aperture: 24mm
File coating: multiple file coating
Outlet pupil diameter: 3.8mm
Outlet pupil distance: 12mm
The pattern of alignment focus: eyepiece focusing adjustment
The telescope multiplying power: 6X
Vision field within 1000m: 122m (7°of field of view)
The model of measurement: RAIN, RELF, >150, standard model if no display
Mains voltage: CR-2 3V (Excluded)
The size of the shape: 40x99x68mm
Weight: 235g


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