Scopes vs Red-dot Sights for your AR-15

Scopes vs Red-dot Sights for your AR-15

Use the gun to aim at the target practice or hunting people accurately aim at the target, the traditional iron sight can be done. But now, the red dot sights is the choice of more people, because it is faster than the traditional iron sights aiming and shooting without missing. We all know that military use of sight is essential. Likewise, they are often used in entertainment, hunting and paintballs.

What is a Red Dot Sight?

In simple terms, the Main Feature of Red Dot Sight is to have a illuminated "red dot" that is as an exact aim point of view for the operator. A red-dot sight is primarily meant for targets within 100 yards, but it can also work for longer ranges(as mentioned below). 

How does a Red Dot Sight work?

The Red Dot Sight is generally referred to as a reflex sight, which we know well. In fact, I have a detailed description of the problem in the previous articles. Briefly, it is rely on non-magnifying reflectors to display the red dot.

In some more advanced (or more expensive) red dot sight, additional lenses are added to eliminate "parallax". What is parallax? For example - you put your gun in a vise with the red-dot sighted right on your target's bulls-eye. When if you move your head to a different angle and look through the sight, is the dot still on the bulls-eye? Hopefully the answer is yes - that means that your red-dot is "parallax-free".  This enhances the overall accuracy and usability of the sight.

How can I add a red dot sight for your own AR-15 that can observe long distances?

For short distances of less than 300 yards, of course, choose a red dot sight. Because it is lighter than a scope, it is more suitable for quick aiming, but it lacks the magnification of a scope.

Some red dot sights are available in a kit that includes the magnifier, like the Magnified Red Dot Kit pictured below.

The magnifier does not require a battery. The red dot sight is no batteries, no dot! But the 558 red dot scope graphic sight, the battery lasts up to 50,000 hours between replacements it's not an issue.The 

EOTech 558 Red Dot Scope Graphic Sight

Very compact holographic mirror. More compact than 551 and 552. Holographic direction cross can be adjusted for different intensities. This range also applies to cr123 batteries. The battery life is better grounded than standard AA or 551 and 552 button batteries.Suitable for every 20mm rails.


*Magnification : 1X

*Size (LxWxH): 95x55x75mm

*Unlimited eye-relief

*Fitting : Scope Cover, Lens Cleaning Cloth

*Battery : 1pcs CR123(not included)

The EOTech 3X Magnifier with STS Mount

Compatible with a wide range of red dot sights and night vision devices and for maximum flexibility and increased performance in the field;The 3XMag is a revolutionary tool for military personnel, law enforcement, sport shooters and hunters;Also can be used as a handheld magnifying glass monocular for discrete observation and identification.


*Length: 3.9"

*Weight: 11.9"

*Mount: Mil-standard 1913 Picatinny

*Magnification: 3.00 x

*Eye Relief: 2.2"

*Field of View Angle: 7.3°

*Magnifies any weapon optic by 3x

*Improved Switch to Side (STS) mount allows rapid switching between 3x magnification and 1x sight

*Tool-free azimuth adjustment

*Improved field of view over the G32

*Adjustable diopter for precise focusing adjustment

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