Reference PP24-0241

Cuttlefish Dry with red/blue/white/IR LED PP24-0241

Color: Camel

Battery : LR6X1(1.5V)

Battery Life : 20 hours

Material : Anodized Aircraft Aluminum 6061-T6, Nylon Plus Fiber Plastic

Operating Instructions

Ⅰ. Constant light mode: red,blue,white and IR LED light separately. 

Long press switch 2, the white light is on separately; 

Click switch 2 to switch the light color; 

Long press switch 1 to adjust the brightness of the light; 

Long press switch 2, the light goes off.

Ⅱ. Alternate flashing or single flashing mode:

   Click switch 1 and switch 2 at the same time to start flicker mode; 

Click switch 2 to switch different flashing modes;

Long press switch 1 to adjust the brightness of the light;

Long press switch 2, the light goes off.

There are 5 flicker modes, as follows:

1.Red,blue and IR LED flash alternately: red light lights up 150MS; Then the blue light is on for 150MS; Then the red light goes on again for 150MS;

2.Red,white,blue and IR LED flash alternately: red light shines 170MS; Then the white light comes on 170MS; Then the blue light goes on for 170MS;

3. Red, white,blue and IR LED flash alternately twice: flash twice within 500ms of red light; Then the white light flashes twice within 500ms;Then the blue light flashes twice within 500ms;

4.The white light flashes all the time: the white light flashes every 140ms;

5.White light two kinds of slow flash alterbately: white light within 700MS flash three times, and then flash three times within 2400MS; Then flash three times within 700MS, and then extinguish 2000MS.

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Cuttlefish Dry with red/blue/white/IR LED PP24-0241

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