Would you like a brand new helmet adapter?

The L4 G19 Helmet Mount is more than just an accessory to secure your device to your helmet, it offers additional protection and a variety of features.
Firstly, the helmet mount securely holds the device to the helmet, ensuring that the device is safe and secure so that the user does not have to worry about dropping the device while working or playing sports. This protective feature is especially important for workers or sports enthusiasts who need to use a helmet.

Secondly, helmet mounts often feature multifunctional slots that allow for the installation of various accessories to attach night vision devices. This versatility allows users to use helmet mounts in different scenarios as needed, such as night work, outdoor adventures, and more. Users can personalise the configuration according to their preferences and needs, providing greater convenience and flexibility.
The L4 G19 mount is also adaptable, with a dovetail card slot design, compatible with a variety of dovetail card interface products. This adaptability is especially important for users who need to work with night vision devices or other professional equipment.

At the same time, the L4 G19 has an adjustable feature that allows it to be adapted to individual needs to ensure it fits different helmets and head sizes. This adjustability allows users to tailor the helmet mount to their individual needs, ensuring comfort and stability.
Finally, the L4 G19 is made from lightweight aluminium and polymer materials for durability and resistance to harsh environments. This enables it to be used in a variety of work scenarios and outdoor environments with a long service life.