Professional Multi-Purpose 1-6X High Definition Digital + Thermal Military Hunting Monocular Night V

 Digital + Thermal Dual Light Fusion View Night Vision is a fusion of digital night vision, thermal imaging  and scope functions. Choose from night vision mode, thermal imaging mode and scope mode, with three rifle modes available and magnification up to 1-6x. Ultra-high resolution: 1920x1080 for clear imaging. Powerful, complete modes, more professional, to meet your multiple needs.


Digital + thermal image dual light fusion viewing night vision device combines the advantages of digital night vision and thermal imaging, day and night, and still performs well in low light or even no light environment. It can be used in digital mode to see specific features of objects, but can also be adjusted to thermal imaging mode to survey anything that emits heat to the outside. It does not rely on the existing light visible to the human eye, but rather detects the heat emitted by the object itself and can be used in total darkness without any auxiliary light source or infrared light compensatiThe product has a wide range of uses, it can be used for outdoor hunting, forensic evidence, temperature detection, etc. It is suitable for a wide range of people, such as hunting enthusiasts, military, police, real war game enthusiasts and other groups who need to use night vision and thermal imaging. The product is not only used in a wide range of scenarios, but can also adapt to all kinds of bad weather, heavy rain, fog, sandstorms and other weather can not affect the good imaging of this night vision device. Thermal imaging can overcome obstacles such as fog, smoke, dust and vegetation, and can be used in digital mode to see what the object looks like and then use the thermal imaging function to survey whether there are other objects behind the object, which works perfectly in adverse weather conditions.

 The product has a full range of modes and is easy to operate. The menu bar is clearly divided into sections. There are five image modes: white hot, black hot, iridescent, green and iron red, so you can choose different modes for different scenarios and different needs.

The product is made of full aluminium alloy material, which is well made, sturdy and durable and not easy to rust. The all-black metal body is elegant and cool, giving you the ultimate using experience. Not only that, the product is high tech and very reasonably priced, making it a great choice for those who want to buy professional night vision and thermal imaging equipment but are on a budget.