How to load a shotgun ?

Loading a shotgun with a pump
1. Ensure that the safety switch is turned on, the camera is unloaded, and the barrel is facing away from safety. This is always the first step in loading or disposing of any firearm. Please read your weapon usage guide to determine safety features.
Determine the caliber of your hunting rifle so that you can choose the appropriate shell size. The regular shotgun has calibers 10, 12, 16, 20, 410, and 28. A shotgun of one caliber can be released from a shotgun of another caliber, but this requires a special barrel. Otherwise, it's best to only choose the appropriate size of ammunition for your weapon.
When sitting, place the stock on your left thigh. You can also secure the stock to your hand and set the gun aside. Ensure that the trigger and safety plate are located on the back of the shotgun.
4. Place the shell on the loading flap in front of the trigger. The "commercial end" of ammunition must point towards the end of the barrel. The commercial end is the end of the projectile, opposite the end of the metal cap projectile containing explosives.
Use your thumb to push the shell directly upwards onto the loading hole cover until you hear and feel a noticeable click. When it clicks, the edge of the shell must pass through the store lock.
6. Repeat this step until the warehouse pipeline is full. When you try to load the shell, you can confirm that the tube is full, but it will not enter.
7. Press the action release button and pump the front and rear sliders with reasonable force to load the camera. This will remove the shell from the magazine and place it in the firing position. The shotgun can now shoot.

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1.Ensure that the safety switch is turned on and the gun is pointing away from your safe direction. Always use a handgun for loading, even if you know it's not loaded.
2. Find and connect the barrel gap rod, latch, or button. This usually occurs on the right side of the barrel connected to the stock.
*Unlike shotguns with water pumps, shotguns have no barrel and can carry multiple rounds at once. On the contrary, the pistol will open so that you can directly load the shell into the barrel's camera. This means that your gun must be recharged after each shot, and if you have a double barreled shotgun, you must recharge every two times.
3. Open the disengagement action and lower the barrel from the shotgun housing.
4. Remove and remove all used sleeves. Caution: If the guns are fired recently, they may be very hot. Do not touch the metal bucket with your hands.
Replace each used shell with a new one. The commercial end of the ship must slide into the bucket.
Put the gun back in its original position, close the gap, until you hear and feel it click. Your gun is loaded, ready to shoot.