Canis Latrans TM2-8x32Rifle Scope For Hunting PP1-0288 | PPT P.P.T

Brand: Canis Latrans
Product Code: PP1-0288
Availability: 100

 Image Quality Requirement

 The image is clear, need correction distortion,field curvature, color shading



 Reticle Displacement




 Adjust Screw

 Regulating range in a straight line, no empty back, sounds silvery

 Exit Pupil


 View of Angle



 Second Reticle





 Reflex Lens Coating

 Multilayer Coating

 Overall Light Transmission


 Objective Lens Diameter






 Parallax Correction


 Exit Pupil Diameter/mm


 Distance of Exit Pupil


 Focusing Range


 Adjustment Type


 Click Value


 Spiral Direction


 Elevation/Windage Adjustment Range




 Finish & Coating




 Texture of Material

 Aluminum Alloy

 Tube Diameter



 According to you










 1000g 5 times


 Minus 15 ° (30 min) can't fog or dispersed within 6"

 Repeat Clamp Reticle Displacement



 52℃ 10inch deep,3min

 Reticle Displacement After the Shock


 Operation Temperature Range

 -30°~ +50°

 Storage Temperature Range




 Battery Life


 Power Supply




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