Load-bearing equipment, or LBE, is a necessity for airsoft enthusiasts. These airsoft gear products offer protection and add to your carrying capacity. A good chest rig or plate carrier can easily double or triple your carrying capacity by adding pouches for extra magazines, speed loaders, holsters, radios, hydration packs, and much more!
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Molle Tactical Military Vest for hiking hunting and camping PP4-0025 | PPT P.P.T

Features: 1.the military version of the camouflage color.nearly 99% 2.the product is encrypted 600...

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Tactical gear high visibility vest for hunting PP4-0024 | PPT P.P.T

Features:      1. High-quality nylon material, tensile wear stronger, taking into ac...

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Tactical vest set-up Military army vest for outdoor equipment PP4-0023 | PPT P.P.T

【Product Name】RRV reconnaissance Tactical Vest 【Colour】black  green acu cp khaki FG DWL 【Weig...

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Waterproof Amphibious Tactical Vest Outdoor Vest Specter PP4-0022 | PPT P.P.T

 Name :  Amphibious Tactical Vest Outdoor Vest Specter &nb...

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