Range finder, range finder telescope, monocular telescope PP28-0001 | PPT P.P.T

Product Code: PP28-0001
Availability: 2
Measurement Range:  15m-1200m
Measurement Pattern:  semiconductor laser range finding (safe to eyes)
 Error in measurement:  ±1m±0.1%
Objective lens diameter 25mm
Coating: multi coating
Exit Pupil Diameter:  3.6mm
Eye relief:  13.5mm
Display:  LCD Indicator
Focusing system:  Eyepiece focusing
Multiplying power:  7x
Vision field within 1000m: 140m
Field of view:  8°
Measuring Mode:  RAIN. RELF. >150, standard mode with no display
 Battery: 6F22-9V (excluded)
 Dimensions:  60x145x142mm
Weight:  440g
Water impermeability:  no
Tripod mounting threads: 1/4" x6

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