Tactical CEU Rifle Scope PP1-0180 | PPT P.P.T

Product Code: PP1-0180
Availability: 100

periscope for airsoft
Unique features of the CEU

Designed to be compatible with all Aimpoint sights
Designed to provide a “true image,” NOT a reversed mirror reflection
Allows aiming over walls, under cars, around corners without exposing head and torso
Does not affect the weapon’s point of impact
Can be passed between team members
Rugged, affordable device
Small and light
Easily removed from the weapon if necessary
Turns a standard infantry weapon into a scouting tool
No need to equip a team member with a specialized weapon
Rotates a full 260°
Designed to withstand extreme conditions

aimpoint CEU    
Two mirrors,reflective device,for true target view    
1X,unlimited eye relief    
25 mm diameter“see through"


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